StimLabs has been advancing the state of regenerative medicine since its inception.

Discover our journey that stems from a shared commitment to developing innovative solutions that support physicians and patients alike.


StimLabs' Founder and CEO, John Daniel, Dives Into Regenerative Medicine

After fulfilling his service in the Marine Corps, John began his career in regenerative medicine, expanding his knowledge of materials and clinical applications.  He approached his first role as a technician at CryoLife, Inc. with the personal mission of pursuing meaningful innovation that helps patients in need. With that sense of passion and purpose always at the forefront, his responsibilities expanded to managing operations and manufacturing, and scaling production.

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Expanding a Skill Set

Based on his quick understanding of the space, John was recruited to become a founding employee at RTI Surgical, where he was able to couple his knowledge of allografts with medical devices. John then welcomed the opportunity to join Tutogen Medical and widen his career objectives by overseeing all US operations. He became adept at product development, intellectual property laws, quality control, regulatory compliance, and M&A, while continuing his path of meaningful innovation.  In 2002, after becoming practiced in all facets of the industry, John founded a successful consultancy business to help other companies problem-solve, scale, and grow.


Developing the First Dual-Layer Allograft

John’s experience in processing techniques, research and development, regulatory requirements, and go-to-market strategies left him with a diversified and notable skill set.  After years of bringing innovative and life-changing products successfully to market, John co-conceptualized the next iteration of the placental allograft: an allograft composed of the amnion and chorion layers of the placental membrane. John executed this concept through his invention of the Purion® process which resulted in the first dual-layer placental allograft commercialized under his company, Surgical Biologics LLC.


The industry recognized the benefits of retaining more layers of native tissue and Surgical Biologics LLC, along with the patented processing technology, was sold to MiMedx.  John’s inventions and product development methods are still in use today.

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Perfecting the Next Generation of Allografts

Following the sale of his company, John took time to explore other passions. Never shaking the desire to help patients in need, he returned to regenerative medicine with a mission to further advance the placental tissue space. A deep dive into the intrinsic properties of the native placental membrane found the intermediate layer to be an essential layer of the native tissue. Past technologies, however, had never been able to preserve it when processing the allografts.


John assembled a team who shared the same goal of enhancing patients’ quality of life through meaningful innovation.  Together, they successfully developed the first placental membrane allograft that retained all three layers of the native tissue: the amnion, intermediate layer, and chorion. The patented technology, Clearify™, was one of a kind, as it allowed for the retention of all three layers while effectively cleaning and never delaminating the native tissue.

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Advancing the State of Regenerative Medicine

StimLabs was formally launched with a purpose of advancing regenerative medicine and improving patient outcomes. Within the first year, 16,000 square feet of office and processing space was built, and the flagship product, Revita®, was launched.  Revita, and the patented technology behind its creation, were quickly recognized as the next generation of placental allografts. Over the next few years, a suite of revolutionary placental-derived products and intellectual property was developed and Beyond Birth, StimLabs’ tissue donation program, was founded.

Today and Tomorrow

StimLabs has continued to grow over the years across multiple campuses. We have expanded from the 16,000 square foot space to over 70,000 square feet dedicated to our teams responsible for supporting our portfolio of 7 products and counting.


Our team consists of industry experts with experience in tissue engineering, cell biology, wound healing, and medical devices. We are continuously focused on developing technologies that can capture the intrinsic capabilities of the human body to accelerate the healing cascade - these technologies are the future of regenerative medicine.

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