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The Use of a Dehydrated Complete Human Placental Membrane Allograft for Mohs Surgical Defects of the Nose

Kelly M Wilmas, MD, Jigar Patel, MD, Sirunya Silapunt, MD, Hung Q Doan, MD, PhD, Michael R Migden, MD

Background: Repair options for Mohs surgical defects include primary closure, flap or graft, or healing by second intention. These options may not be optimal in all cases. A dehydrated complete human placental membrane (dCHPM) allograft may serve as an alternative repair option. Objective: To assess the aesthetic and functional outcomes of an alternative repair technique for Mohs surgical defects of the nose. Methods: Twenty patients with Mohs surgical defects of the nose repaired with a dCHPM allograft were retrospectively identified...

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