StimLabs Mission


To be the world's most trusted and effective regenerative medicine company


To restore the body’s inherent form and function through innovative and personalized solutions


To give every individual the opportunity for a better quality of life

Group 3

To give a wounded soldier strength to pursue their passion

Group 4

To give a grandmother resilience to make memories

Group 5

To give a burn victim confidence to embrace life face-on

We began our pursuit of this vision by launching a suite of next generation products. Our pioneer products are derived from placental tissue, which is a raw material that has evolved over millennia to embody the ideal environment for fetal development. The use of placental tissue in wound care has been explored for over 100 years due to the inherent characteristics of the tissue, which is why we chose to harness and optimize these components in many of our initial products.1 This is just the beginning. As we continue to move forward in our trajectory of precision and innovation, we will focus intently on patient-specific needs with further targeted solutions.

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Phased Execution

The execution of our mission exists in three phases

Phase 1

Phase 1 is characterized by a generalized approach. The barriers to entry are low, and success is reliant on creating products that are helpful for a variety of applications. This phase includes tissue-based products, and while accessible, lacks the specificity needed to address specific needs.

Phase 2

Phase 2 launches StimLabs into the field of regenerative devices. The barrier to entry in this field is higher, and the products we develop are more targeted to more specific categories of needs.

Phase 3

Phase 3 embodies our mission for personalized solutions. Our research and innovation exist in the regenerative device sector, and our products cater to the personalized needs of individual patients.

From our industry experts to our vigorous research, we are committed to moving in the direction of our mission every day.

  1. Silini, A. R., Cargnoni, A., Magatti, M., Pianta, S., & Parolini, O. (2015). The Long Path of Human Placenta, and Its Derivatives, in Regenerative Medicine. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology3, 162.