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The patented Clearify process is StimLabs’ breakthrough approach to processing birth tissue. While the clinical benefits of birth tissue in wound care have been acknowledged since the early twentieth century, the application of these tissues were not fully embraced by industry until advancements in screening and preservation technologies emerged. Processing techniques and donor screening procedures have steadily improved with new science and regulations since the late 1900’s.

In 2015, StimLabs sought to develop a process for cleaning and preserving the placental membrane that would optimize the retention of components intrinsic to the tissue, while effectively removing unwanted constituents and blood remnants from the tissue.1 This process, known as the Clearify process, preserves key components naturally found in the tissue.

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Developed for our flagship product, Revita, the Clearify process was designed to optimally clean, dehydrate, and terminally sterilize placental membrane, while maintaining all three layers of the natural barrier.1 The Clearify process was engineered by tissue processing experts using ten iterative core processes that were evaluated by quantitative and qualitative means, allowing optimization of each process step. As StimLabs has expanded the product portfolio, the Clearify philosophy and methodology has been extended to other birth tissues.

The Clearify philosophy was built on a foundation of taking a scientific approach to process development, identifying the native structures and components of tissue that can be utilized for optimal clinical benefits, and designing a process to retain them. With the ultimate goal of safely embracing all the potential benefits birth tissue offers, Clearify continues to innovate the tissue space and deliver market-leading products.

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