StimLabs Technology

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While the clinical benefits of birth tissue in wound care have been acknowledged since the early twentieth century, the applications of these tissues were not fully embraced until advancements in donor screening procedures and preservation techniques emerged.

In 2015, StimLabs developed a technology with the goal of safely embracing all the potential benefits birth tissue offers. This patented breakthrough approach, known as Clearify®, optimizes the retention of key components intrinsic to the tissue, while effectively removing unwanted constituents and blood remnants from the tissue.1

Engineered by experts, Clearify® is designed to:

Optimally clean, dehydrate, and terminally sterilize placental membrane

Maintain all three layers of the natural barrier without ever delaminating

Maximize the retention of desired key components, including collagens, glycosaminoglycans,
and proteoglycans

The Clearify® philosophy was built on a foundation of taking a scientific approach to product development. As StimLabs product portfolio expands, the Clearify methodology remains an important pillar in the production of high-quality and reliable solutions.

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