Why create a blog?

We want to share our perspective and establish an open line of communication with clinicians, scientists, patients and more. We’ll be using this blog as a forum for a few different topics.

1. Corporate Updates

Being new and different requires clarity. As our first two products have redefined what’s possible with placental tissue, we’ve found the need to have a forum for company updates.

2. Scientific Clarity

The new world of regenerative medicine is largely unexplored. As a result, there is a lot of conflicting information about the science behind products. Our Product Development team has spent their careers researching and developing new technologies, and we want to share some of the information they’ve gathered.

3. Product Updates

We move quickly with new initiatives. Within a year of founding StimLabs, we brought Revita to market. As you’ll learn in our next post, we’re plotting a course for even more ambitious products, and our current offerings are just the beginning.

We’re excited about the future and are looking forward to an open dialogue with the scientific and clinical communities about products that will have a lasting impact on patient care.

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